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Wikiwalks is a collaboration between the University of South Africa, the University of Pretoria and the South African Geographical Society

Why hike with us?

From cityscapes to rural vistas, South Africa is a beautiful and diverse country. However, many individuals often do not know where to look to see this breath taking beauty even though there is a plethora of both geographical and archaeological heritage. In addressing such a challenge, this project would develop a website that is a collection of walks to, and through, some of the country’s most significant geographical and archaeological inheritance. There have been similar successful initiatives elsewhere, particularly in Europe and the United Kingdom. Such initiatives have allowed members of the public to upload and download maps featuring routes for specific walks that give information on the geographical phenomenon that can been seen along the way.

Similarly, it is envisaged that the website proposed here, to be called Wiki-Walking South Africa, will be a repository for schools, universities and the general public to go to find local walks that showcase our amazing country, thus allowing them to explore South Africa, both for leisure and educational purposes. As a wiki site, members of the South African Geographical Society (SSAG) as well as other academics and members of the public will be asked to make a contribution in identifying and plotting walks with interesting geographical and archaeological features. The main aim of the website will be to provide in-depth information regarding walking routes and highlighting points of geographical and archaeological interest. All provinces of South Africa will be covered, designating walkways and trails which can be explored within the various cities. Linked to other relevant websites, this project will provide extensive coverage to walkways and green paths throughout the country.


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